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Time for a change is now.

Using my knowledge from Brand & Product & UX & Biohacking to help others in the future.
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The story behind
The proportion of expected work time that was missed or affected because of health problems over the previous 7 days (productivity loss) represented an average of 37.8 % of employees’ usual work hours, or 14,2 hours of work missed or work time impaired because of health.
Could Excel figure it out? So why do all current calendar apps look like a spreadsheet? Is it the best way how to handle our time and plan properly? The past two years of my research prove it's not. That's why I'm going public for the first time with my startup journey of the Kyugo App. Rediscover the calendar and join the work-life balance revolution.
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Web Design
App Design
User Experience
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Books that are shaping my opinion and experience ↓
Four Thousand Weeks
Oliver Burkeman
Stillness is the Key
Ryan Holiday
The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate
Peter Wohlleben
The Whole-Brain Child
Daniel Siegel
Mama's Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us about Ourselves
Frans de Waal
The World Until Yesterday
Jared Diamond
The Wim Hof Method
Wim Hof
Yuval Noah Harari
Why We Sleep
Matthew Walker
Brain rules (for Baby)
John Medina
Deep Survival
Laurence Gonzales
Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind
Suzuki Shunryu
IQ střev
Joachim Bernd Vollmer
Umění být zdráv
Jan Vojáček
Labyrint pohybu
Pavel Kolář
Jak drahé je zdarma
Dan Ariely
Jak drahá je intuice
Dan Ariely
Developing “a thing” which will redefine not-so-many existing work-life balance tools.
To use both my experience in product/design/UX and biohacking, which affect the majority of my day, to reshape how others perceive time, for the sake of a better, stress-free life. Check out Kyugo.
The time is now.
My goal is to solve problems others can’t, or struggle with. To use my experience and be reliable to carry out challenges others need help with.I was always keen on performance and early on I’ve found the closest possible connection between mental and physical effort. For those who know me, I never lacked perseverance. That’s why I always pursued recent biohacking studies, training and self-study — to help me handle massive workloads with outstanding quality and speed, while having a happier and present life at the same time. Because workaholism at the cost of a lower life quality is not cool. Not cool at all.
But I was lacking the ultimate goal.

The two major interests, a happy life and a great work performance, were connected only to myself. My clients were taking the benefit only from the grit of solving their project challenges.

I started to elaborate on how the other part of my knowledge and experience can also be put to the benefit of others.

Now I have it.
My other projects
This is Garcy studio
Brand & UX & UI & Product Studio.

Experience, discover, and rethink products & brands. Analyze, create a flawless user experience, give a shape and a purpose, making things not only beautiful but functional and meaningful too.
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Blog about biohacking & fitness.

Life is a connection between physical and mental performance. I’m trying to find ways to optimize performance and connection between so called working world and everyday happy life.
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The UX Survival Guide
8 steps process to never get lost designing a product.Become a real-deal UX designer from scratch, self-confident product owner, positive to not miss anything crucial in the process of letting your users fall in love with your product.
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Kyugo going public
February 2023
The time is now.
September 2021