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This is Tom Garcy ™
This is Tom Garcy ™

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Brand & Product & User Experience focused designer. Biohacker.
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Master of discipline
With more than 13 years of experience, I am a master of discipline – I combine state-of-the-art methodology with hard work to push my performance to the maximum level which is why clients hire me to solve their toughest brand, product or UX challenges.
For me, life is a connection between physical and mental performance, that’s why the other areas I’m strongly keen on are fitness and biohacking. I just love to know how things work – our body, a product, you name it. I regularly write articles about how to boost your productivity, work/life principles or health. And about design & UX of course. 
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Branding & Identity, UX, UI, Web Design, Creative Direction
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Branding & Identity, UX, UI, Web Design, Print Design, Creative Direction
“I solve problems others can’t, or struggle with.”

Give me One day

Much can be done in one day. With state-of-the-art methodology and hard work, just one day can be enough to solve toughest brand, product or UX challenges.
For a product or brand which:

☞ You don’t know how to process or implement
☞ Needs to be finally finished, or needs a fresh start
☞ Looking for improvements, ideas & solutions
☞ Needs to be consulted 
☞ Must be prototyped fast, needs a design sprint
☞ Needs new functionality asap
Example outputs of One day
App/Web Prototype
Brand Ideas & Concepts
Product Screenflow
Product Discovery
Hire me for a day
Honest workflow and pricing.
In the outside world, express almost certainly means more expensive. You pay for speed. In design, it’s quite the opossite. It’s normal to pay a lot for something taking a lot of time, estimated for zilions hours. For some reason, it’s normal to pay for more hours, but not for higher hourly rate and less hours. So designers are exaggerating the timesheet, cathing up their low rates.
By the same logic, if you are too experienced, so you can work really fast, you should normally get paid less – for less hours spend. That’s why I said no to this crap and created the One day, for which you’ll pay like for a normal week project, but I won’t bullshit you and get it done in 10 hours of work time the same day. 
My other projects
This is Garcy studio
Brand & UX & UI & Product Studio.

Experience, discover, and rethink products & brands. Analyze, create a flawless user experience, give a shape and a purpose, making things not only beautiful but functional and meaningful too.
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Blog about biohacking & fitness.

Life is a connection between physical and mental performance. I’m trying to find ways to optimize performance and connection between so called working world and everyday happy life.
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Short stories about UX
Stories about user experience from the real world.

I write Short stories about UX for people who maybe don’t realise that UX is all around us and how important is to pay attention to it while working on a new product.
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