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This is Tom Garcy ™

Need fast results and game-changing ideas? Are you aware of the value of time? With state-of-the-art methodology and hard work, just One day can be enough to solve toughest brand, product or UX challenges. All done online.

Book the One day
for €1500
Example outputs of One day
App/Web Prototype
Brand Ideas & Concepts
Product Screenflow
Product Discovery
For a product or brand which:

☞ You don’t know how to process or implement
☞ Needs to be finally finished, or needs a fresh start
☞ Looking for improvements, ideas & solutions
☞ Needs to be consulted 
☞ Must be prototyped fast
☞ Needs new functionality asap
☞ Needs a “design sprint” to iterate fast 
Examples of the One day app prototypes
Examples of the One day app prototypes
What  clients say
"We hired Tom for 5 days straight using his One day methodology. In just a week we were able to finish 4 different unique app prototypes in a breath-taking quaility. His value to the project was priceless."
Tomas Zrubecky, Creative Dock Switzerland
"Self-reliance and a great outcome. That’s guaranteed with Tom Garcy. If you need someone to create and invent something really functional without constant oversight, look no further. You will save a lot of trouble."
Josef Dvorak, Partner at Direct People
"Tom thinks, listens, asks, argues back – he’s moving us forward. Quickly understands even a very complex product. Simplifies complicated tasks. He works fast and precise. Do-overs are very rare with Tom. His design always goes straight to the point."
Lucie Tvarůžková, Managing Partner at SingleCase
Example One day timeline
9.00 AM
Morning status
Both parties already know the brief, plan for the day, homeworks
9.30–1.30 PM
Working block #1
Full-dedication, methodology and hard-work magic
2.00–3.00 PM
Check meeting
Feedback, plan for the rest of the day
3.00–6.00 PM
Working block #2
Finishing the prototype and results
6.00 PM
Agreed result – Designed App prototype etc.
Book the One day
for €1500
Honest workflow and pricing.
In the outside world, express almost certainly means more expensive. You pay for speed. In design, it’s quite the opossite. It’s normal to pay a lot for something taking a lot of time, estimated for zilions hours. For some reason, it’s normal to pay for more hours, but not for higher hourly rate and less hours. So designers are exaggerating the timesheet, cathing up their low rates.
By the same logic, if you are too experienced, so you can work really fast, you should normally get paid less – for less hours spend. That’s why I said no to this crap and created the One day ™, for which you’ll pay like for a normal two weeks project, but I won’t bullshit you and get it done in 10 hours of work time the same day.