Kyugo: Your solution for a harmonious work-life balance.

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Kyugo is a revolutionary app that helps its users plan their daily lives (both professional and private) more effectively, wisely, and easily in a visually appealing and intuitive format.

We all need to work to earn money and afford the lives that we've always wanted and dreamed of. However, the question is how to maintain work-life balance, avoid distractions while working, and have enough time for our families and ourselves. It all starts with planning!

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The main problem is that the classical calendar we use is outdated and, from a UX point of view, also poorly designed. It doesn't even represent how we, as human beings, perceive time. While it provides some order in an otherwise chaotic system, it's an ineffective way to plan our days. Therefore, I needed to discover another solution.

I started studying other options and variants, but they all led back to the most common version of the calendar, which we've been using since the first PDAs from the 1980s. I couldn't find any reason why the calendar looks the way it does and if it truly represents how we, as human beings, experience time.

Years of research, design, and development.

I decided to display daily events in a circle, which is a much more intuitive and visually understandable way to plan your day. This resulted in the development of the time-management app Kyugo, a tool that reflects how we perceive time and provides a more natural way to plan our daily tasks.

Kyugo works on 3 levels to maximize your daily time and energy for work and personal life: 1) Meetings, 2) Time for work, 3) Your life (free time).
With this setting, for example, you no longer have to wonder when you have time to meet your clients or employees. You have fixed blocks of time dedicated to these activities every day, and your clients or employees can only book your time within these blocks. You can never mix meetings with your work time or your personal life, as the app prevents you from doing so. You can automatically block time slots that you decide to spend with your family or for yourself.

These 3 levels and time blocks help users become more productive, work more effectively, and have enough time for their loved ones and themselves. The best part is that planning in circles and visually monitoring allocated time blocks is intuitive and natural! You can easily and quickly see how much time you waste and how wisely you use it on a daily basis.

“Personally, I consider it a colossal failure to accumulate wealth while missing out on witnessing my children grow up. I don't want to miss those precious and irreplaceable days and years.”

Product Design
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